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En route to...

For the nautical tourist the choice of a marina depends on the type of ship and the offered services but also by the location and the tourist attractions of the surrounding area.
En route to... is the column consisting of articles promoting the territory surrounding the Welcome Sailor member marinas, with a description of the tourist attractions, historical and environmental beauties, events and food and wine specialities. In each article the nautical tourist will find the links to the closest Welcome Sailor member marina profile.

Capo CacciaAlghero: the sea preserve
The sea preserve Porto Conte – Isola Piana is a wonderful natural park. You can enjoy an extraordinary view from the sea: cliffs plunging into a deep blue sea and lodge a lot of air and sea caves. >>

A small lagoon island with a 'casone'About the lagoon on the north of Venice
Visiting the lagoon on the north of Venice by sailing between isles, barene, velme, casoni and cane thickets is a truly unforgettable experience. Many writers as Titus Livius and Hemingway have been fascinated by these wonderful stretches of water and green isles. >>