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31/03/2011 - Consorzio Porto di Alghero: online bookings for 2011 season start now
20% discount over the mooring tariffs in June, September and October for all the lovers of pleasure boating who have reserved on www.welcomesailor.com.>>

06/05/2010 - Welcome Sailor starts the online bookings with the Consorzio Porto di Alghero
The Consorzio Porto di Alghero, a famous marina located on the western coast of Sardinia, has signed the affiliation agreement with Welcome Sailor in order to have access to the innovative services of marketing and international distribution, which the brand offers to the independent and high quality tourist marinas of its network.>>

15/05/2009 – Marina del Cavallino opts for the international promotion of Welcome Sailor
The prestigious marina in the lagoon of Venice opts for the services of international promotion and marketing of Welcome Sailor, by joining its network of indipendent and quality tourist marinas. >>

10/03/2009 – Signed a document of agreement and patronage between Welcome Sailor and Assomarinas
Privileged conditions reserved to the marinas of the Association that will decide to benefit from the promotion, marketing and international distribution services of Welcome Sailor. >>

28/01/2009 – New opportunities for marinas resulting from the integration between Welcome Sailor and Navis
Signed an agreement that enables marinas to benefit from a wider and integrated range of services related to management, marketing and berth distribution. >>

03/06/2008 – Great interest for Welcome Sailor booth at the IMC 2008
Participation, interest and many international contacts at the Welcome Sailor booth during the International Marina Conference 2008. >>

07/04/2008 – Welcome Sailor takes part at the International Marina Conference
Welcome Sailor, the new international network of independent tourist marinas, will be officially announced at the International Marina Conference (IMC) 2008 in Oostende, Belgium. >>

01/01/2008 – Welcome Sailor is born: the new international network of indipendent tourist marinas
Welcome Sailor is born, the new marketing and distribution service for the nautical tourism sector that allows yachters from all over the world to find and book berths and services for their holidays at sea. >>