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Consorzio Porto di Alghero

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Consorzio Porto di Alghero - Alghero (Sassari)
Italy, Sardinia
Consorzio Porto di Alghero Type: Tourist marina
Berths: 350
Max lenght: 60 metres
Max height: 0 metres
Depth: from 0 to 4.5 metres
Access: Continuous
40°33'00" North – 8°18'00" East
Banchina del porto, Molo Visconti - 07041 Alghero (Sassari)
Phone +39 079 9893117; +39 079 987371
Mobile +39 339 7329921
Fax +39 079 9893117; +39 079 987371
Vhf ch. 9

The Marina

The port of Alghero, located on the western coast of Sardinia, is just near the Riviera del Corallo and fascinates deeply those who come from the sea.
In the past the natural port housed the boats of the Genoeses, who founded Alghero in the 12thcentury, and was the destination of the mediterranean merchant courses. It became then a stronghold during the period of the catalan and spanish domination.
Nowadays the port of Alghero is a model of hospitality for the international recreational navigation and a frequent stage of the holyday cruisers.
The Consorzio Porto di Alghero manages two quays (Banchina Dogana and Banchina Sanità), located near the walls of the old city in the historic centre of Alghero. That is really the right position for a recreation navigation fan to enjoy the attractions of the town just near his boat.
The quays are equipped for the transit of boats up to 60 metres and reach an overall length of 150 metres.
The passing recreation navigation fan can enjoy several port services, such as; welcoming at the entrance of the port with a rubber dinghy, mooring service, day-time oversight, water and electricity, technical and touristic service, address and ground service. Close to the port and according to a convention with the consortium you can also take advantage of services like nautical service, smith, electrician, boat transport, shipbuilding and garaging, crane haulage and launching, sail-loft, nautical papers, nautical surveyor and laundry.

Outside the marina

The port of Alghero is located south of the walls of the elegant historic centre, which is an attraction for the lovers of the catalan architecture. The door to the sea takes the recreation navigation fan straight to the Piazza Civica, which is the real heart of the town and seat of the well-known Palazzo d’Albis.
The entire coastal territory of the Riviera del Corallo is spectacular: you can find white sand beaches, sea cliffs, flat rocks and hidden bay coves, where you can plunge in an endless blue and enjoy the sweet smell of pinasters and Mediterranean bush.
The Area Marina Protetta between Marina di Lioneddu and Capo Galera is a wonderful marine reserve and is famous for its calcarious deposits and its imposing sea cliffs which can reach a height of 320 metres.
The most important air and sea caves of the coast are the Grotte di Nettuno, which can be easily reached by boat or on the ground and are located on the imposing cliff of Capo Caccia.
The inland has such attractions as the prenauraghic necropolis Anghelu Ruju,which is one of the most important archaeological areas of the Mediterranean and the nuraghe/villaggio Palmavera which dates back to 1100 B. C.
The vegetation of the countryside is full of olive-groves, vineyards, oaks and myrtle, which yield well-known oenological and gastronomical products.
As regards the fauna, you can find colonies of griffon-vultures in the area between Alghero and Bosa, fallow deers, white little donkeys and wild little horses near Punta Cristallo.

Distances from...

City centre 0 Km
Airport 10 Km (Alghero Airport)
Bus station 0,3 Km (Alghero, Via Catalogna 1)
Bus stop 0,1 Km

Berth reservations

Services and facilities
  • ATM – Currency exchange
  • Bank
  • Bar
  • Battery disposal
  • Boat rental
  • Chute
  • Crane
  • Diving service
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electricity
  • Electronic equipment
  • Electronics payments
  • Engine repairs
  • Equipment for disable people
  • Fiberglass hull repairs
  • Fire service
  • First aid
  • Fuel station
  • Hairdresser
  • Hotel
  • Hydraulic service
  • Ice resale
  • Laundry
  • Mailbox
  • Market
  • Mooring service
  • Outdoor car park
  • Pharmacy
  • Post office
  • Public phone
  • Public transport or shuttle bus
  • Quay lighting
  • Reloading of oxygen tanks
  • Restaurants
  • Sail repairs
  • Showers
  • Slipway
  • Spent oil disposal
  • Taxi
  • Toilettes
  • Tourist information
  • Tours and visits
  • Transport service rental
  • Waste collection
  • Water
  • Weather information
  • Wood hull repairs
  • Yachting club